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Us: You can get out of the office, grow your business, and save the planet.

You: Really? I don’t know about that. Sounds like another sales pitch.

Us: We get it. Field service hasn’t exactly been a progressive space in the past, but that’s changing. Plumbing dispatch software is surprisingly effective for businesses and the environment.

You: Sign me up!

Although you won’t quite be saving the planet Superman-style, software helps you by making a dent in both business growth and environmental sustainability. See how plumbing dispatch software changes the game for the long haul.

How Plumbing Dispatch Software Fosters Sustainability and Growth

Is “expensive” the word that comes to mind when you hear about how important it is to make your business more sustainable? We need to talk.

More often than not, when service repair businesses talk about sustainability, they think about grand infrastructure such as expensive solar panels or other equipment. But that doesn’t have to be your go-to. (Although if you want solar panels, more power to you—get it?)

At its heart, software as a service (SaaS) is sustainable, and it can reduce your costs and grow your business. When you apply this to plumbing dispatch software, the results are magical. That’s why more and more companies are using SaaS as part of their core sustainability plans.

Benefits of Plumbing Dispatch Software

Plumbing dispatch software serves your operation in so many ways, making the business more sustainable and life easier for your team and its customers alike—that’s a win-win.

Think about how nice it would be if:

  • You could work from anywhere instead of being tethered to a desk.
  • Your office stopped using rainforests full of paper, opting instead for plumbing dispatch software.
  • Your techs had more accurate routes, using less fuel to and from jobs.
  • Accounting could replace paper invoices with all-in-one payment processing.
  • Field techs could simplify matters with e-sign features.

Plumbing dispatch software gives you your life back—saving the planet in the process. Less time in the office, fewer people fueling up their vehicles, and decreased energy consumption to power everything up? Yes, please.

Get Out of the Office While Maintaining Business Growth

Although it’s not exactly new, SaaS proved it can run the world—or at the least help save it—when 2020 hit everyone like a ton of bricks. We’re more comfortable with remote work, how productive virtual communication can be, and more. And in the service repair world, suddenly it became possible to take the back office with us just about anywhere.

Remote-Friendly Tools Inside Plumbing Dispatch Software

So many tools to make doing business from anywhere easy, but you need to choose the options that’ll pack the biggest punch. Get what works best for you, your team, and your customers.

When it comes to plumbing dispatch software, you’ll want remote-friendly tools. Our recommendation? Make sure you get a solution that allows:

  • All-in-one field service management
  • Fleet control and call tracking
  • Historical customer data capabilities
  • Full accounting integration
  • Contactless communication features for customers

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Not Reading This from the Beach? What Are You Waiting For?

We’d never tell anyone to work on vacation, but when you’re running a field service business, you need to know what’s up. The right plumbing dispatch software lets you check on the office in the morning and tune out the rest of the day while enjoying the sunshine with your kids—just with your smartphone.

We could talk all day about the double whammy of remote flexibility and planet-saving sustainability, but you have a business to run, customers to serve, and a suntan to get. That’s why we created our latest e-book, The Essential Guide to Get Out of the Office and Maintain Business Growth. Give it a read, and get in touch with our experts to learn how plumbing dispatch software could help your operation.

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