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If you’re in the home services game, you’ve probably got vehicles on the road. Maybe a few. Maybe a whole lot.

Have you ever found yourself wondering where they all are and if everything’s running smoothly? Want to know how to track your vehicles? Well, you’re not alone.

Fleet tracking is your answer, and it’s a game-changer.

In this guide, we’ll explore why your business might want to keep tabs on its vehicles. Up next, we’ll lay out the essential tools and gadgets required to monitor your company rides.

If you’re wondering about your wallet, we’ll tackle the likely expenses involved in vehicle tracking. Then, we’ll guide you through selecting the best services for GPS-based fleet monitoring. We’ll also summarize the nuances between software and full-fledged services.

And to round things out, we’ll spotlight why fleet software can be a game-changer for your operations.

Ready to hit the road on this fleet-tracking journey? Let’s roll!

Why Would a Company Want to Track Their Fleet?

Van on highway

Fleet tracking is a system that uses GPS technology to monitor the location and movement of vehicles in real-time.

Think of it like a bird’s-eye view of your entire fleet. It helps you keep an eye on all your vehicles, making sure they’re where they should be when they should be.

Why is this important, especially for a home service business like yours?

Efficiency is Key

With GPS fleet tracking software, you can see the best routes. No more getting stuck in traffic or taking the long way around. Quicker routes mean you get to your customers faster.

Safety First

Fleet managers can monitor driver safety. If a driver’s going a little too fast or braking too hard, you’ll know. This ensures your team is safe and your vehicles last longer.

Money Talks

Knowing how your fleet vehicles are being used can save you cash. Fleet management software can tell you about vehicle health and when maintenance is needed. Keeping up with vehicle maintenance can dodge those costly repairs down the line.

Staying in the Loop

Has a client ever asked, “Where’s your team?” With GPS fleet trackers, you can give them an answer in real-time. It boosts trust and makes your service look top-quality.

Fleet Protection

Fleet tracking devices can help if a vehicle goes missing. With GPS tracking, you can find it faster, helping protect your investments.

Staying Ahead

GPS fleet management software provides valuable information. It helps make decisions about vehicle replacements or when to expand your fleet.

For home services businesses, time and trust are everything. At least 91% of company leaders believe building trust positively affects their profits.

Whether fixing a leaky faucet or installing a new AC unit, customers want you there fast. Moreover, they want to trust you’ll arrive when promised.

So, when someone asks you how to track fleet vehicles, you can tell them it’s not just about GPS vehicle tracking. It’s about running a smarter, safer, and more efficient business.

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What Do You Need to Track Company Vehicles?

You’re looking to get a handle on how to track fleet vehicles. First, you’ll need a few key tools to keep tabs on your field team.

Here’s what’s on the shopping list:

GPS Fleet Trackers

Trackers are the heart of vehicle tracking. These small devices are installed in your fleet vehicles. Once in place, they send location data in real-time. Think of them as the eyes that keep watch over your entire fleet 24/7.

Pro tip: Go for trackers with long battery life, and make sure they’re durable. You don’t want a tracker giving up on you in the middle of a job.

Fleet Tracking Software

Software is the brains of the operation. GPS fleet tracking software takes the data from your trackers and displays it in a way you can understand. On a screen, you’ll see where each vehicle is and their routes, and even get reports on driver behavior.

Note: We’re going deeper into software in another section, so hang tight.

Fleet Management Software

Fleet management isn’t just about knowing a location. Fleet management software helps you manage vehicle maintenance. You can periodically check vehicle health and even monitor fuel consumption.

Sturdy Internet Connection

You need a good internet connection to see where your fleet vehicles are in real-time. Whether in the office or on the go, ensure you have reliable net access to stay updated.

Mobile Apps

Many GPS fleet management software options have mobile apps. This means you can track your vehicles from your phone or tablet. This is super handy for those who are always on the move.

Driver Safety Tools

Some GPS trackers come with features that monitor speed, braking, and even seatbelt usage. If driver safety is on your list, look for trackers offering these extras.

Remember, it’s not just about having the right tools. It’s about using them right.

So, when you dive into the world of fleet tracking, take a moment to understand each tool. And always keep an eye out for updates.

Technology moves fast, and you want your fleet to zoom right along with it.

How Much Does It Cost to Track Company Vehicles?

Man on phone in front of van

Every dollar counts. So, before you invest in fleet tracking, it’s a wise idea to research the costs involved.

When budgeting, always consider both the initial setup costs and the ongoing monthly or yearly expenses.

And remember, while cost is essential, investing in a quality fleet tracking system can save you money in the long run. Think of reduced fuel costs, efficient routes, and fewer maintenance issues.

While we won’t pinpoint exact prices (because they change and vary), we’ll give you a clear idea of what to budget for.

GPS Fleet Trackers

Initial Cost: There’s an upfront cost for buying these devices. Depending on the features, durability, and brand, prices can vary.

Monthly Fee: Some trackers come with a monthly service fee, ensuring you get real-time tracking and other premium features.

Heads-Up: Look out for bundles or package deals. Some companies offer discounts if you buy in bulk.


Self-Installation: Some GPS trackers are plug-and-play, meaning you can install them yourself at no extra cost.

Professional Installation: For more complex systems, you might need a professional. This will have its own associated cost.

GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Subscription Cost: Most software options use a subscription model, which could be monthly or yearly. Factors like the number of vehicles you’re tracking and the features you need will influence this cost.

Setup Fee: Some platforms might charge a one-time setup fee.

Pro Tip: Always check if there’s a free trial. It’s a great way to test the waters before fully committing.

Data and Connectivity

Monthly Data Fee: Real-time tracking needs data. Some systems might require a separate data plan, especially if they aren’t using your vehicle’s built-in system.

Fleet Management Software

Subscription Cost: Like the tracking software, fleet management tools usually have a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Additional Features Cost: Want added features like vehicle health monitoring or maintenance reminders? There might be additional costs.

Mobile Apps

Free vs. Paid: Many fleet management software options offer free mobile apps. However, some might have premium app versions with advanced features.

Driver Safety Tools

Add-On Cost: If these tools aren’t part of your initial package, there might be an added cost. Things like speed monitoring or seatbelt usage checks could be extra.

What Should You Look for in a GPS Fleet Tracking Service?

Before we get into the key features, knowing the difference between a GPS fleet tracking service and fleet tracking software is key.

Let’s break it down.

Understanding Fleet Tracking Services vs. Software

  • GPS Fleet Tracking Service: Think of this as the do-it-for-you option. These services usually provide the tools, equipment (like GPS trackers), and personnel to monitor and manage your fleet.
  • Fleet Tracking Software: This is more of a do-it-yourself option. Here, you get a digital tool (software) that lets you or your fleet managers keep tabs on your vehicles.

Some companies offer both solutions, giving you the flexibility to choose based on your needs.

Features that Matter in a GPS Fleet Tracking Service

  • Coverage: Does the service cover your area fully? Especially if your business takes you to more remote spots, you need to be sure you won’t lose that precious GPS signal.
  • Real-Time Tracking: You’ll want updates in real-time, not from 30 minutes ago. The quicker the info, the better.
  • Driver Safety Features: Look for services that monitor driver safety. It’s all about keeping your crew safe.
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring: Get a service that provides updates on vehicle maintenance needs or any issues.
  • Support: A good service will have solid customer support. You want someone to call if things go wrong.

Benefits of Choosing a Combined Solution

  • Seamless Integration: If a company offers both service and software, they’ll likely work well together. That means less hassle for you.
  • Cost-Effective: Sometimes, bundling services can save you cash.
  • Consistency: One provider means consistent reporting, billing, and support.

Which Is Right for Your Business?

Finding the right GPS fleet tracking solution depends on your needs.

Do you want to be hands-on with software, or would you rather a service handle the heavy lifting? Maybe a bit of both?

Either way, getting the right system ensures you always know where your fleet is. This helps your business operate efficiently and effectively.

What Are the Benefits of Fleet Tracking Software?

Fleet tracking software offers a range of advantages for businesses on the move. Let’s dive into the key benefits that can elevate your operations.

Boost Efficiency with Immediate Responses

Feature: Real-Time Tracking

By seeing exactly where your fleet is at any moment, you can tackle urgent tasks and optimize service delivery on the fly.

Why This Matters: Immediate responses mean you can adjust to last-minute changes seamlessly. This leads to more efficient operations and delighted customers.

Pro Tip: If you’re just starting out or on a tight budget, real-time tracking is a must-have. It’s the core of what makes fleet tracking software so valuable.

Once you’ve got that, you can explore other features to fit your needs.

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Ensure Team Safety and Cut Down on Tickets

Feature: Driver Safety Monitoring

Monitoring driving behaviors like speed and braking not only ensures your team’s safety but also reduces the chances of fines.

Why This Matters: Prioritizing safety reduces risks and potential costs from accidents or tickets. It promotes a secure and cost-effective environment.

Maximize Vehicle Longevity and Avoid Unexpected Costs

Feature: Vehicle Health Alerts

Being proactive about maintenance means fewer breakdowns and a fleet that’s always in top shape.

Why This Matters: Maintaining vehicles is crucial for fuel efficiency. For example, properly inflated tires can improve gas mileage by up to 3%. Every 1 psi drop in pressure can decrease fuel economy by 0.2%.

In short, well-maintained vehicles are more reliable. Reliability leads to fewer interruptions and prolonged vehicle life, ultimately saving money and improving the customer experience.

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Complete More Jobs and Delight Your Customers

Feature: Route Optimization

Recommended routes consider traffic, closures, and more. The result? Quicker job completion.

Why This Matters: Efficient routing means more jobs in a day, leading to increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

Maintain Tight Control Over Fleet Movements

Feature: Geo-Fencing

Define specific zones for your fleet and get alerts about any vehicle movements in or out.

Why This Matters: Ensuring tasks stay precisely on track and resources are used effectively helps in resource management and adhering to client specifications.

Streamline Maintenance and Prevent Expensive Repairs

Feature: Vehicle Maintenance Logs

A digital history of each vehicle’s maintenance activities means you’re always ready for the next service.

Why This Matters: Organized logs simplify tracking, helping you prevent unexpected repair costs and prolong the lifespan of your fleet.

Refine Operations and Increase Profitability

Feature: Historical Data and Reporting

By analyzing past operations, you can pinpoint potential efficiencies.

Why This Matters: Data-driven decisions pave the way for refined strategies, better results, and an uplifted bottom line.

Ready to Take Action? Here’s What You Can Do Now

Man in front of van on tablet

Knowledge is just the first step. Let’s put it to work with three actionable tips:

Start with Research

Your Mission: Spend 20 minutes on your favorite search engine. Look up “GPS fleet tracking software reviews.” Check out the top three results. This quick research will give you an idea of the best and most trusted GPS fleet tracking solutions out there.

Why: By checking out reviews, you’ll get real feedback from other businesses just like yours. This will help you shortlist the software or service that might be the best fit.

Take a Test Drive

Your Mission: Most GPS fleet tracking software providers offer free trials or demos. Sign up for one. Play around with the features. Even better, install a GPS tracker on one vehicle just to see how it feels.

Why: It’s like trying on clothes. You won’t know if it’s a good fit until you give it a whirl. Plus, firsthand experience is always the best way to learn.

Chat with Your Fleet Managers and Drivers

Your Mission: Grab a coffee with your fleet manager or have a quick chat with a couple of your drivers. Ask them what they think about adding a tracking system. They might have insights or concerns you haven’t thought of.

Why: Your team’s feedback is gold. They’re on the front lines every day and might offer insights that can help you make the best choice for your business.

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