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If you have a service repair business, you’ve probably heard a lot about repair service software—or field service management software.

There’s lots to say, because repair service software does a lot. However, the single-most important thing you need to know about repair service software is that it will make your dreams come true.

We don’t mean your dreams about becoming a rock star (you’re on your own there). We’re specifically talking about the dreams you have of your business operations being easier and faster, while making everything more convenient for customers. This means you can say goodbye to things like paper and filing cabinets and being trapped in the office to conduct business.

Service repair software can help you:

  • Work from anywhere
  • Convert estimates to jobs with one click
  • Make scheduling and dispatching a snap
  • Enjoy the convenience of online invoicing and payments
  • Get the field visibility you need

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Run Your Repair Service Business from Anywhere

Have you heard? Remote work is all the rage. Why should remote work only be for the corporate office-dwellers? Service business owners and managers can enjoy the same flexibility with service repair software.

Using the right field service software solution gives you the power to be “at the office” even when you’re watching what seems like the hundredth little league soccer match of the year. You can use GPS tracking to track where your field techs are and make sure you send not just the closest tech, but the tech with the right skills, because all of that information is accessible through a smartphone or tablet.

This work-from-anywhere world means you create more efficiencies. When paperwork becomes irrelevant—including invoices—so do the mundane manual tasks that go with it.

Convert Service Estimates to Jobs (and More) in One Click

It’s easy to love what you do but not like parts of your job—like estimate management, especially if you’re still using manual processes and paper estimates. Even customers aren’t crazy about estimates. They want them to be more convenient and easier to understand.

As with all other parts of their lives, your customers expect to be able to view and sign estimates online. With field service management software, you can give your customers the options they demand with only a few clicks. It makes it easier for everyone. So many wins, so little frustration.

When choosing repair service software, make sure to look for a solution that has easy-to-use features that empower you and your teams to:

  • Convert one or more options into one or more jobs
  • Create custom, multi-page proposals
  • Email, print, or download estimates
  • Let customers use digital signatures to accept estimates
  • Create up to five estimate options within a single estimate
  • Rename, duplicate, and archive options

Make Field Service Scheduling and Dispatching a Snap

We live in a world where there’s an app for almost anything. Service repair software is no different. Look for a SaaS solution that gives you easy access to all of your data, along with a mobile application that allows field workers to receive and manage jobs on smartphones and tablets, further reducing paperwork and increasing your business’ efficiency.

Again—everyone wins with premier field service management software. The best service repair software will let you:

  • Receive job and estimate assignments
  • View assigned jobs on a map
  • View equipment assigned to a job and its work history
  • Set job progress statuses
  • Add activity notes, photos, and custom tasks
  • Collect customer signatures on jobs

Offer and Enjoy the Convenience of Online Invoicing and Payments

Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve all recently learned how one event can instantly change how we do everything. Offering convenient, online invoicing and payments is crucial.

This does more than just ease your customers’ minds that they can do everything online if they must. It also actually thrills your customers, because by now they expect to do everything online, including paying literally everything. If you’re not making it easy for your customers to interact with you digitally, you’re going to lose them.

Happy customers are awesome, but so are happy employees. Online or digital capabilities create tons of efficiencies in your office, giving you and your office staff the time to focus on your business’s future—things like launching marketing initiatives, ensuring efficient operations, and creating new revenue streams.

Note: It’s paramount that you choose a field service SaaS that will easily interface with your accounting software.

Get the Field Visibility You Need with GPS Technology

Ever wish you could just snap your fingers and know what’s going on with all your techs and other staff who are in the field?

Field service management software isn’t exactly like a finger snap, but it’s almost as easy. Using cloud technology, GPS, and a mobile app, your repair service software solution should give you an omni-view of everything in the field. This makes it easier to ensure appointments happen on time and the dreaded service window shrinks to as small as it can possibly be.

Plus, GPS technology will do things like improve your safety record and reduce insurance premiums. All of this field visibility will help you and your staff provide better customer service and get good reviews.

Discover How Repair Service Software Can Transform Your Business

If you’re not already convinced that service repair software is more tempting than a cinnamon roll, you need to take it for a test drive. But before you do, be sure you know what you’re looking for.

See for yourself how you can improve operations—schedule a demo and learn what to expect with top-of-the-line service repair software.


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